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For two decades, economic growth in Mozambique has averaged over 7 percent annually, making Information technology one of the top ten fastest-growing economies in the world, and indicating its potential for inclusive, sustainable development. Its economic growth, driven mainly by primary commodities' exports, such as, aluminum, coal and electricity, declined to 4.3% in 2016 due to continued fiscal tightening, investment slowdown, and the debt crisis. In 2017, extractive sector's exports are, however, expected to increase and drive growth back up to 5.5%. The country's hopes are relying strongly in the gas discovery and exploitation, as the medium-term source for employment and national revenues. The Government foresees investments in the extractive sector as the catalyst for industrialization and diversification of economy that will lead the country to middle-earnings status, by 2053.
The UNDP Human Development Report 2016 ranks Mozambique as a low human development country (181/188 countries), with a Human Development Index of 0.418, a life expectancy of 55.5 years, 9.1 expected years of schooling, 3.5 mean years of schooling and a gross national earnings per-capita of US$ 1,098.
UNDP is the development arm of The United Nations’ Organization, with its Headquarters in New York. UNDP is represented in 166 countries in the world. In Mozambique, its office is in Maputo. UNDP administers national and international consultants engaged in Programmes and Projects undertaken in collaboration with The Republique of Mozambique and other development partners.
   » Present the Minimum and Maximum Remuneration values of all job matches obtained from the comparators;
   » A report on final survey findings with comparison and analysis of the survey results, recommendations related to remuneration packages;
   » A summary table of Comparators practices on remunerations compared to UNDP Mozambique Service Contract income scale;
   » A proposal with options for a revised remunerations scale for National Consultants as set out in the UNDP Individual Consultant policy;
   » A comparison of other UN income scales for similar contractual modalities;
   » Highlight of benefits offered by comparator organizations for similar contractual modalities with emphasis on annual leave, sick leave, maternity & paternity leave, health coverage, life & discapability insurance, vacation benefits and public holidays;
   » Recommendation for a social security / investment plan that considers the following:
   » The versatility of this contractual instrument;
   » The short-term nature of the service contract;
   » The need to ensure that individuals engaged under this contract have a retirement/savings plan;
   » Fulfilment of UNDP’s obligation to assure that national consultants holders have social security;
   » Incorporation of comments and suggestions made by UNDP Mozambique, if any, into the proposal for National consultants' remunerations;
   » Provide all completed questionnaires together with significant income and all significant documentations and correspondences with the respective comparators;
After the submission of the draft report to the country office, the selected individual may be requested to provide additional data or clarifications to UNDP HQ.Mozambique is a Least Developed Country in Southern Africa. with a population of 28.86 million people (52.2 percent women).

tasks and Responsibilities

   » The selected individual, jointly with UNDP Mozambique will compile and suggest a list of employers as Comparators (both in the public and private sectors), which may be considered for national consultant remuneration survey for approval by UNDP Mozambique;
   » The selected individual will carry out the survey located on the policy on Setting Remuneration for Individual consultants and collect, compile, analyze and interprets data collected in a written report;
   » The selected individual will collect the following information from each of these Comparators:
   » Job descriptions of the similar positions for Job matching process with proposed comparator organizations on the nature, complexities and responsibilities of each position of existing consultants' levels;
   » Collect and analyze the income structures and connected benefits (including typical allowances and benefits package) of the selected employers in comparison to existing consultants Job descriptions.
   » Research on social security options available on the Mozambique market and make recommendations on a reliable and appropriate options;
   » Review tax applications and apply any updates to the new income scale;
   » The selected individual will then compare the new income scale with other UN Agencies' scales for similar contractual modality;
   » The selected individual will present analysis to UNDP Mozambique and make recommendations on the proposed income scale.


Core Values and Guiding Principles:

   » Integrity: Demonstrating consistency in upholding and promoting the values of UNDP in actions and decisions, in line with the UN Code of Conduct;
   » Cultural Sensitivity/Valuing diversity: Demonstrating an appreciation of the multicultural nature of the organization and the diversity of its staff. Demonstrating an international outlook, appreciating differences in values and learning from cultural diversity.

Corporate Competencies:

   » Demonstrates integrity by modelling the UN’s values and ethical standards;
   » Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptcapability.

Personal Competencies:

   » Strategic thinking and strong analytical expertise.

Required expertise and practice

   » At least a first degree in Statistics, Economics, Social Sciences or any related field;
   » Proven track of practice of at least five years in the area of compensation and benefits for international organizations as well as data collection and analysis;
   » Excellent communication and writing expertise in English and Portuguese.


Fluency in English and Portuguese is required.


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   »Date Published: Posted 15 mins ago
   »Expiration date: July 24, 2019
   »Job location: Maputo
   »listing title: National Consultant Remuneration Scale Survey Expert
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